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The church is led by the Pastor and deacons. Currently the pastor is Rev Andrew Mumford. Andrew arrived as part time pastor in September 2015. He gained a BD in Systematic Theology and Church History from Aberdeen University in 1995, and is in his third and final year of postgraduate study at Spurgeon's College , a Baptist theological seminary in London.


Andrew is married to Carolyne and they have 3 children. The family is originally from Ipswich but prior to coming to Ashford spent the previous few years living in south Essex where he worked as a Hospital chaplain. Andrew previously worked in the civil service processing benefit claims, and in retail. In his spare time Andrew likes listening to music: mainly 70s glam rock and 80s heavy metal music.

Pastor and wife

E mail pastor@southashfordbaptist.org.uk

The Church Secretary is Mr Gerard Sigfrid. (secretary@southashfordbaptist.org.uk)

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                                 GODWINRay Hopson Joan Riley

Top Row: Gerard Sigfrid ( Church Secretary), Elaine Laslett ( Church Treasurer),

Bottom Row: Godwin Hungwe ( Deacon),  Ray Hopson ( Deacon) and Joan Riley (Deacon)