Recent and Upcoming events:

On Sunday 18th March 2018 we had the baptism of Julia and Adam Finnis and the dedication of their daughter Emily. Here are some pictures of that happy occasion.

Adam Baptism Julia baptism

Emily dedication

Some photos from Christmas 2017:

When Santa Claus came to Friday Friends:

Xmas santa  

The Nativity Service:

  Nativity 5

Nativity 4 Nativity 2

Nativity 3 Nativity 1

 On Saturday 28th October we held a Light Party ( a positive alternative to Halloween) and here are some pictures what went on: the theme this year was Neon:

                       Light party 1                                                                          Light party games Light party picture                  lanterns lighthouse      disco             games        craft


 In August 2017 we ran our annual Holiday Bible Club again, and the theme this year was the story of Noah and the Ark. Here are some pictures from the week: